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About us

About us

PGK Groupe specializes in logistics services and we have been multiplying our core competence since 2004. We strongly believe in the power of concentration on the Client’s needs and solution requests. It moves us ahead! You move us ahead – thank you!

Our experience, technology and strategic alliances with world leading logistics operators – DB Schenker, DHL, Kuehne+Nagel – set us apart from other companies. We do not follow the market – we create it! Having agreed to cooperate with PGK Groupe once you will get a reliable partner and regain confidence in implementation of any of your projects! No more limits – more opportunities!

Different clients means different businesses. Different businesses – verity of needs with different solutions. That is why the company became the group – to provide the full scope of services considering specific nature of each Client’s business process. We provide our Clients with multimodal services and logistics solutions by means of the group — Kurier, Postman, Pervaya Gruzovaya, PRF, Tochka, NogiRukiGolova.

As a multimodal services provider we can deliver containers to Ukraine, spread pallets of your products to your B2B clients or pack and deliver B2C orders – combination of transport and warehouse logistics in different sectors of business yours to command! At the same time as an international carrier we offer a wide range of options to give the ideal delivery service in both directions: export and import operations – whatever Client’s needs!

We are eager to grasp your needs and your clients’ needs either B2B or B2C. Our specialists understand the difference between these sectors thus we build our business processes in accordance with this understanding. We follow your timelines, budgets and provide best fit solutions for your logistics tasks in accordance with this understanding – in accordance with long term practical experience of PGK Groupe team.

Logistics is not only about goods, trucks and warehousing but information also (management and exchange)! We put our experience into several self-developed software products, which let you be on the crest of the wave. It is not the question of a convenience – it is a question of survival and success. Integration of a software ecosystem parts is completed within the group. User-friendly APIs with “plug and start” integration mechanisms, “ready to work” modules for the Client’s side – just make the right choice!


  • Multimodality - full scope of services from one partner within the same standards and quality
  • Specialization - any kind of logistics services according to your business needs and tasks
  • Universality - logistics support for any business in any sector
  • IT based - customized and self-developed software ecosystem

Pervaya Gruzovaya

Pervaya Gruzovaya company is a full truck logistics operator, which also delivers optimized multimodal transportation solutions by combining transportation modes across road, sea and air to provide the Client with cost effectiveness and flexibility. These modes include conventional as well as containerized railway options. Combining these modes intelligently, we provide end to end convenience while enabling cost benefits and safe movement of large volumes. Control, visibility and reports for each movement, definite transit schedule towards just in time, outsized cargo delivery, international and urgent transportation with a customs clearance – Pervaya Gruzovaya teem at your service!

Kurier →


Kurier is a reliable express delivery operator providing all kinds of shipping services for B2B companies throughout Ukraine: "warehouse-to-warehouse", "door-to-door", "warehouse-to-door", "door-to-warehouse". Company’s fleet consists of different types of vehicles, which let us solve any task set by your business including flexible just in time intercity delivery. More than 8000 sq.m. warehouse facilities all over Ukraine let us to propose consolidation and cross-docking services to our Clients and provide them with temporary or permanent storage area by perforce. We have been getting and collecting our experience for you since 2004. Kurier team will do its best to understand and support your business – welcome!

Postman →

Компания «Postman»

Postman is a modern courier company and cross-border operator which gives to its Clients “last mile”-solutions in B2C sector for e-commerce, MLM-companies, catalog and distance selling companies. Your customers can get whatever they want via a click of the mouse. To be in a right place in a right time with a right attitude as a representative person of your business – Postman’s all-inclusive solution! Own fleet covers more than 800 cities all over Ukraine with more than 270 up-to-date vehicles and couriers – “last mile” specialists and sales assistant in a new-born multi-channel retail world. Teamwork of operators, couriers and hot-line specialists paves the way to make your customers happy and bring them back to you time after time!



PRF is a courier operator providing express on-foot delivery of business mail and small parcels. Foot couriers provide significant advantages when delivering in a modern city with a heavy traffic. We serve both sectors as B2C, as B2B, which also gets lettershop-services from us: personalized printing, labeling, folding, sealing, sorting, wrapping and mailing or delivery to the appropriate transportation service. Envelops, letters or small parcels, informing or promotion activity – PRF assists in your personalized dialog with numbers and numbers of your existing and potential customers in a professional way!

Tochka →


Tochka is a brand new service for the whole Ukrainian market – pick up order service centers chain. “Last mile” solution which let you become closer to your clients and give them additional services – get a competitive advantage to your company! 29 comfortable service points throughout Ukraine let your customers pick up their orders, try on in a fitting room or switch on for a test a new purchases and make a payment after: in cash, by a credit card or get a loan in just a few minutes! Our consultants demonstrate all purchases with explanation and help your customers “make first steps”, fulfill a procedure of merchandise return or warranty repair. Cross-selling is available also due to popular models in stock which are presented on real and interactive counters. Tochka is your mini-shops chain – multiply your business in a flash!

Nogi Ruki Golova →


NogiRukiGolova is a team which concentrates on order fulfillment (B2C) and supply management (B2B) but is not limited to these services. We propose to our Clients ready-to-use mechanism which includes all components to get your consumers at a distance, win or develop new channels and rocket your sales: site and promotion, call center support, warehouse and orders management, delivery. All components are proposed within monolithic software ecosystem, which is developed according with day by day practical experience. Separate parts are deeply integrated and let you stay tuned on the real picture of business flow, manage SWOT-factors in the best way. It is not about outsourcing – it is about concentrating on key functions and profit multiplying!

For investors →

Information for investors

Today investors do not have to complain about the lack of objects for investing! But in reality to find a self-liquidate project with minimal risk is not an easy task.

PGK Groupe is a young and progressive group of companies that has been providing a full range of logistics services since 2004. Past operational experience in Ukraine, large network of offices and warehouses across the country, ever-expanding range of services and long list of clients allow us to obtain assurance that having considered our offer you will agree to cooperate with the PGK Groupe.

Green PGK →

Green PGK


We believe that concern for environmental safety is a key point for the logistics business. We are aware of our business to be unfriendly to the environment, and we try to take care of the environment by:

  • Reducing emissions of pollutants by optimizing transport routes
  • Rational resources management during any activity of the company
  • Reducing of energy consumption
  • Reducing of waste
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